Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park / 문경새재도립공원

Hi all! It has been a long time! Today I’m gonna show you guys Mungyeong. First of all, I’m sorry that I didn’t check my camera condition and the quality of pictures is not good.:-( Mungyeong is really small city-much closer to the countryside. It was quite challenge for me to get there. I think except Seoul, it would be same with me. Also, since … Continue reading Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park / 문경새재도립공원

Andong Hahoe Village/안동 하회마을

Hi there!  I’m gonna tell you about Andong Hahoe Village today. Andong is not a big city, but quite old city – since hundreds years ago. I’m going to introduce only Hahoe village, but there are other landmarks and culture treasures around Andong.  If you want to feel long long time ago Korea or understand Korean old and traditional culture, I highly recommend to visit … Continue reading Andong Hahoe Village/안동 하회마을

BHC/Mapster no bone BHC/뼈 없는 맵스터

I thought, how can we talk about Korean food without “CHICKEN”? I don’t know whether you heard about Korean chicken, anyway, I thought Korea has really good accessibility to chicken. I’ve ever seen any place where I can’t order chicken to delivery. Korean chicken companies always try to make new menu and, as the result, almost stores have menus from just fried to extremely spicy … Continue reading BHC/Mapster no bone BHC/뼈 없는 맵스터

Korea Tourism Organization Website

  Imagine your Korea That is a title of the site. Even I’m Korean, I didn’t know this site. (now, I know. haha) It is managed by Korean Tourism Organization, which is national organization, in English, Japanese, Chinese(2 types), French, Spanish, German, Russian and Thai. If you need any travel guide about Korea, it would be good choice. They provide a wide range information of Korea … Continue reading Korea Tourism Organization Website