1. Useful Map Application in Korea


This time, let me show you useful applications when you are going around Korea. I know there is ‘google map’ but I hate it cuz  I’ve never ever thought it’s useful for me.I think google map is not enough for Korea. During my travel I usually use travel applications for information about location. Actually for me, just paper map is much better than mobile, but sometimes I need high technology because I’m young generation. lol

Anyway, let’s start!


▷NO.1 Daum map

In Korea, Daum Kakao is a kind of huge portal company. I think when you search about Korea, you should have heard or seen ‘Kakao’. That is the biggest SNS application in Korea also made by the company. Let’s talk about it later.


By the way, this map is also made by the company. I don’t know how about abroad, but definitely in Korea, it’s really (100 times more) useful. If you can read and understand Korean, please use this map. Not only get information about the location, but also you can get the information about public transportation (like when buses arrive a bus stop or subways arrive a station.)


▷NO.2 Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is ‘tripadvisor’ application as its name lol. Actually, I asked my roommate, whose name is Jade and who is from America, what are applications she usually use when she goes adventure in Korea. She showed me this app. We used this app in Hong Kong and it worked really well (Much better than Google map.) I don’t think it works better than Daum map especially in Korea but Google map, and it will be helpful to find somewhere.


If there is somewhere that I need to tell a location of it, I will describe it based on those app.

I hope that it helps you and if there is more tips, please tell me through anyway.

Hopeflly, have a nice day in Korea!

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