2. Tips for Public Transportaion


This time, let me show you tips for public transportation. In Korea, there is 3 types. Actually there is such a transport like train and express bus but this time I’ll talk about only bus, taxi, and subway.

For me, I usually use public transportation as my vehicle. It’s really easy to get somewhere by public transport in Korea. If you are familiar for them, you can use them as well since transport system is well developed. Be careful. It’s only my opinion.

T-money and Cash Bee

T-money and Cash Bee are Korean transportation card companies. You can buy the card of them at convenient stores, street vendors, and subway stations with above marks also recharge it where you can buy it. Almost every transportation company supplies about 10% discount of their fee for using transport card. The card is prepaid card for not only Public transportation, but also for various ways. Check how to use it minutely at their site.




Minimum fare: about 2,800 won. (Vary in different localities)

THE EASIEST WAY TO ARRIVE SOMEWHERE. If you have enough money and don’t have enough information about that place, using taxi will be the easiest way. Of course, for traveler, adventure is also really big part of journey. I know.

In Korea, when you want to get a taxi, before you shake your hand, check a light at the front window. If there is a light, it means that is empty taxi and you can take it. Maybe taxi driver is not able to speak and understand English or they just pass foreigners. But I hope that you will not misunderstand about Korea. In their generation, they are not weird type of people. They are weird but not weird. lol It doesn’t make sense but I hope you can understand what I want to say.


Minimum fare: about 1,300 won. (Vary in different localities)

Sorry, but in my opinion, it’s hard to find routes for foreigner by themselves. I’ve tried to find application or site to get any information in English very easily, but I failed. If I find it, I will update it at here.

But when I upload traveling information I will attach how to get there by bus in detail.


Minimum fare: about 1,300 won. (Vary in area)

There are 5 cities have subway in Korea; Seoul(including around Seoul), Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, and Gwangju. Korean subways are really safe and neat. Quiet cheap, too.

This application is for Seoul subway and it offers each station name in English. Also you can find the closest subway station by using GPS. Of course, it provide subway route.


I hope that you can enjoy adventure in Korea with those tips !

You can lost your way even you’re fully ready. You know what is traveling. Enjoy your adventure and rock the way in Korea!

I hope that it helps you and if there is more tips, please tell me through anyway.

Hopeflly, have a nice day in Korea!

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