Let’s go to Gyeongju !

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I’m going to tell you about Gyeongju and there are so many places to go so I made a category just for Gyeongju. Yeah!

In Korean, Gyeongju is 경주. Gyeongju is one of the most popular city in Korea. Almost Korean went there before at least once usually through field trip. For me, it’s close to my hometown so I’ve been there several times also my favorite place, too.



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Gyeongju is really old city. It could be ranked on the top on the list like ‘The oldest city in Korea.’ It was capital city of Silla, from BC 57 to AC 935, for about a thousand year. Unfortunately, as it’s not a modern city, they are not very developed so there is not subway, also public transportation is uncomfortable(the shortest term is 18 minutes.) However, it’s not developed city so you can feel the countryside at there. It’s really really peaceful and quiet city. If you want to feel something like that, it would be better to consider to visit there.


Since it’s old city, there are many historic site to see and I highly recommend to visit there if you wanna enjoy it. Also, Silla was Buddhist nation so there are several places about Buddhism. I will show you about it in detail at next posting.

There are several methods to get there, express bus and train stations. There are two bus terminal and two train station; Intercity Bus Terminal, Express Bus Terminal, Gyeongju Train Station,  and Singyeongju Train Station.  If you are going to leave from Gwangju광주, Daegu Dongyang대구동양, Mokpo목포, Busan부산, or Seoul Central서울경부, you can get on the express bus, if not, there might be intercity bus. Unless you can use bus, don’t worry about it. There is train definitely. You can you train, Mugunghwa, Saemaeul, and KTX, to get there. Gyeongju Train Station is much closer to city than Singyeongju Train Station also if you take a cap from Singyeongju Station to city, you have to pay extra charge because of some rule of cap (not illegal). When I moved from city to the station, it was 3 times more expensive than other ways. Anyway, what you will use is depends on you.

I wish this posting was helpful for you and if there is more tips, please tell me through anyway.

Hopeflly, have a nice day in Korea!

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