I’m not a tourist. I’m a traveler.

Yes I am. I am a traveler. Sometimes I was tourist but I am basically traveler.


Woljeongri Beach in Jeju

After I got some independence from my parents, I planed to travel around my country by myself also I have done several times for 3 years – more than 10 times.

Naksansa Temple in YangYang

In my opinion, the difference between tour and travel is whether a person can concentrate to him/herself or not. Especially group tours, there is official schedule for everyone and we should follow it because it’s kind of assignment. But in travel, we can handle our schedule depends on what we are feeling at that moment-it will be much stronger with someone being alone.

Traditional wall of Jeju

Yes. I’m very selfish for my schedule.

I can do that because I’m usually alone and nobody cares about it. Wholly being free from everyone and just focusing on my mind are the advantages of traveling alone. Go around somewhere I want, take a rest when I want it, listen to musics that I want, and think about anything I want or I need, of course sometimes do nothing with no idea.

Hollyhocks in Gyeongju

Furthermore, since I’m a good social person ;), some people want to hang out or go around the world with me. As they want it, I have a kind of responsibility to do with them(haha) and I did it. Doing with others is also nice, too. If they make good chemistry being with you, it will be much more fun. Sharing happiness is always right. You know.

Sunset at Jeju

Also finding even a person who is not much kind of soul mate but just travel mate is toooooooooo hard to do in lifetime. So it’s my opinion that it would be hard for dependent people to travel somewhere. (‘Dependent’ is not negative meaning. It’s just life style that whoever can have.) From finding someone who will make their travel fun to being alone, everything would be hard to them. In that meaning, tourist could be good choice cause many people must be there who have same purpose ‘seeing a landmark of this area.’

Machang Bridge in Changwon

Anyway, even now, I’m planning to go somewhere in July. I don’t know whether they will be good effect to my life or not, but I will keep going for my smile.

I hope that everyone who read this article will make help themselves happy with being traveler.

Night view in Hong Kong


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