Elusive relationship

You know what is ‘getting to know.’

There is entertainment program in Korea, Nonsummit, and one of the members, Mark Tetto, said he needs more than 2 months for the getting to know. I understand him cuz I need more than 2 months to know someone, too. How can I make any relationship whoever I have not known less than 2 months. Am I weird? In that program, and that moment, he was treated as weird person. I don’t want to blame the others. I just got a shock when they treated him like that way.

However, assume that we finally find someone who is really perfect for us (for each person of course). But how about he/she is going to be far away from us for long time at that time? or already made a relationship with another person? I wanna say about ‘timing’. Even we found perfect person with spending long time, if the universe doesn’t want to help us, we can’t make any relationship.

When I saw ‘elusive’, ‘relationship’ occurred to my mind. Is there anything more elusive than relationship? We need to spend time and also helpness from universe. Not only for lovers, but for every relationship between every people. There is not easy relationship even in family. Isn’t it?

I wonder what you think about it and what is elusive for you.

Hope that you can get a really nice relationship soon.


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