BHC/Mapster no bone BHC/뼈 없는 맵스터

I thought,

how can we talk about Korean food without “CHICKEN”?

I don’t know whether you heard about Korean chicken, anyway, I thought Korea has really good accessibility to chicken. I’ve ever seen any place where I can’t order chicken to delivery.

Korean chicken companies always try to make new menu and, as the result, almost stores have menus from just fried to extremely spicy or creamy sauce. Also we have lots of creative menu – cheese and spicy sauce chicken and creamy pasta sauce(Carbonara sauce), etc.

However, generally they have three types of cooking style; frying with wheat flour, baking without wheat in oven, and frying with sauce without wheat. Last two types of chicken are okay for the people who have gluten allergy. Yay!

So, I decided to post about Chicken on my website. I know. Seasoned chicken is not a basic one and fried one is perfect to know about the quality of the store. You know. Right? But I wanted to eat hot and spicy one so I just ordered it. Yeah!

BHC is one of famous Korean chicken store and it’s franchise company so you can deserve delivery service like common Korean style everywhere.

Honestly, this menu is not the most popular one; it’s Bburinkle. If I have a chance, I wanna post about it.

Almost Korean chicken stores offer sour radish like you are offered Kimchi at Korean restaurant. Cock is depended on each store. Even they don’t serve cock as free, you can order it.

Some of foreigners don’t like it but it’s really perfect collaboration with chicken. Well.. It’s a one of a flavor so it depends on your mind. Basically it contains radish of course, sour, sugar, and water. Maybe some of salt.

Anyway, whatever sour radish is, the main is “Chicken”. Its name is Mapster – compound word using Mapda(맵다), which means spicy in Korean, and Master or Gangster. Of course, you can order bone type but I was really*1000 tired as much as I couldn’t eat bone chicken when I ordered it.

The color looks like devil red👿👿 but don’t worry about it. It wasn’t that much spicy (it could be spicy for who is sensitive for chili). It contain chicken, wheat, pepper, chili, and common Korean red chicken sauce. If you are tough for spicy food, it will be boring like what I felt. It’s quite salty because of the sauce and it’s not crunchy so cock is better than beer.

The general trend was combination of chicken and beer but nowadays trend is rice and chicken. I think this Mapster is focusing to rice as its partner. Its taste is like Dakgangjeong(닭강정) which is Korean food similar with chicken but different and we sometimes have it as side dish. I recommend to try to eat seasoned chicken (seasoned with sauce) with rice.

Unfortunately, there is not English service so if you feel nervous to order delivery service, ask to Korean around you.

I hope you can get a nice meal and awesome experience with Chicken.

Hopefully, have a nice day in Korea!


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