Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park / 문경새재도립공원

Hi all! It has been a long time! Today I’m gonna show you guys Mungyeong.

First of all, I’m sorry that I didn’t check my camera condition and the quality of pictures is not good.:-(

Mungyeong is really small city-much closer to the countryside. It was quite challenge for me to get there. I think except Seoul, it would be same with me. Also, since the city is so small so their transport system is poor. There was bus number but its route was different each time. So confusing.

There are big 3 ways to get there by public transport. ① Getting to Jeomchon station and take city bus no. 100 to Mungyeong. ② Getting to Jeomchon intercity bus terminal and taking city bus no.100 ③ Getting to Mungyeong public bus terminal. From Jeomchon to Mungyeong, it takes about an hour. The bus no. 100 will stop at Mungyeong public bus terminal 5ish minutes, going to Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park. Keep in your mind. Before taking bus, you should check the letter ‘새재’ or ‘관문’. Ask to the driver about it with this picture.


I think most bus drivers can’t speak English. However, they are so kind. Guess what. I sit on a seat just behind back door. Usually, in Korea, bus driver doesn’t take care of passenger’s sit and safety but he said to me that take a belt because of safety. Moreover, when kids took on the bus, bus driver stopped driving and chose them their sit for safety. It was very impressive for me. So I took a picture of the bus because I wanted remember it when I see this picture.

Nearby the park, there are lots of restaurant but it wasn’t very nice also worst. You know. The food in the picture is Korean traditional food, cheonggukjang, which is really smelly. If you are not very familiar with Korean food, don’t try it. Even you are brave and want to try, don’t try it if you have any allergy of beans.

Since there is Starbucks just in front of the park, so before or after visiting the park if you wanna have some coffee, you can get what you want at there. I didn’t take a picture of it but there is floor sit. It was fresh for me, too.

It was really hot summer and before getting in there, my friend and I almost gave up hiking. We already exhausted because of the hotness. But when we just got in there, the air was really fresh and cool. Then we understand why so many people in there even this hot weather. Many trees and the mountain keep the weather cool. It was really really far better then we thought.


I walked along the trail and it was neat and quite nice to walk. We had not planed to be there for 2 days, but after looking around the park, we changed our plan and we visited there again.

Click it and learn more about Mungyeongsaejae

This structure was built in Joseon Dynasty. There was Gwageo, the highest-level state examination to recruit ranking officials during the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty, and it held in Hanyang in Joseon, which is Seoul in Korea now. From Yeongnam area (southeast part of

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Korea)to Seoul, they should have to pass this big door. Therefore, not only for the natural meaning also there is historical meaning in this park.


As you can get it, the mood is quiet and peaceful. Natural friendly and family style. I highly recommend to visit except winter. When you visit there, you can enjoy hiking, too. If you want it, you can get the information online especially on tripadvisor.

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There is KBS drama studio. It’s not free but really chip – 2,000 won per an adult. It’s not that much small so you will spend quite a long time seeing all the structures. Most of famous Korean historical dramas were taken here. Lately, Six Flying Dragon, a.k.a. Yukryong-i Nareusya, was taken here and you can find some scenes with those background in the drama. Of course I found it. haha!

Let me give you some tip for traveling Mungyeong. Don’t make tight schedule. It’s very countryside so there are so many variables around you, like bus schedule and the distance. So be lazy and take some rest at Mungyeong. 🙂

It became 2017 ! Happy new year and keep your bless !

Thank you for reading all this post. I wish this posting was helpful for you and if there is more tips, please tell me through anyway.

Hopefully, have a nice day in Korea!


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