BHC/Mapster no bone BHC/뼈 없는 맵스터

I thought, how can we talk about Korean food without “CHICKEN”? I don’t know whether you heard about Korean chicken, anyway, I thought Korea has really good accessibility to chicken. I’ve ever seen any place where I can’t order chicken to delivery. Korean chicken companies always try to make new menu and, as the result, almost stores have menus from just fried to extremely spicy … Continue reading BHC/Mapster no bone BHC/뼈 없는 맵스터

Nordic/Gyeongju 🍽 노르딕/경주

The first posting of ‘Food Discovery’ is ‘Nordic’ in Gyeongju. I went here during Gyeongju trip for my lunch with my roommates. Their food was quite good also their interior was fancy, too, so I decided to introduce it at my homepage. Before start, I don’t like salty food and quite sensitive for it. Even I will write ‘salty’ several time, it might be not salty … Continue reading Nordic/Gyeongju 🍽 노르딕/경주