Hi I’m Emma :)



I’m Emma and general Korean girl 😉

Now I’m living with American girl is from Denver. She and her friends want to have adventure but there is only limited information in English about getting there or how you guys can have fun time in there. Also I realized that there is so many kind of allergy that most Korean has ever thought about it. For person who has intense allergy, less information means more danger. I’m sorry that even Korea is really safe, like even elementary school student can hang out by he or herself without parents, because of less information you guys can’t have lot of fun than you thought. Above those reason I’m opening my homepage.

I’ve usually traveled around Korea by myself and because I’m student now and I have small budget so I always try to make my own fun with reasonable cost. Moreover, I don’t have my driving license, so public transportation is only my vehicle. I will share my tips through this site based on how you guys can get there, where is the hottest spot of that place, which food I had, what is ingredient of that food, and where I stayed and how was it.

I really hope that whoever visit Korea and want to have fun in Korea also if read my article, they will have the best time ever they got in their life.

Enjoy your Korea! Thanks.

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