Cheomseongdae Observatory and Anapji Pond in Gyeongju

Hi! In this post, I’m gonna tell you about two landmarks of Gyeongju – Cheomseongdae Observatory and Anapji Pond. Their night scenes are famous. They are located around center of Gyeongju and close to Gyeongju National Museum. ⛤Cheomseongdae ✅Historic Information Cheomseongdae is the oldest surviving observatory in the world. It dates to the 7th century to the time of kingdom of Silla, whose capital was Seorabeol, … Continue reading Cheomseongdae Observatory and Anapji Pond in Gyeongju

Let’s go to Gyeongju !

Hi! I’m going to tell you about Gyeongju and there are so many places to go so I made a category just for Gyeongju. Yeah! In Korean, Gyeongju is 경주. Gyeongju is one of the most popular city in Korea. Almost Korean went there before at least once usually through field trip. For me, it’s close to my hometown so I’ve been there several times also my … Continue reading Let’s go to Gyeongju !

Nordic/Gyeongju 🍽 노르딕/경주

The first posting of ‘Food Discovery’ is ‘Nordic’ in Gyeongju. I went here during Gyeongju trip for my lunch with my roommates. Their food was quite good also their interior was fancy, too, so I decided to introduce it at my homepage. Before start, I don’t like salty food and quite sensitive for it. Even I will write ‘salty’ several time, it might be not salty … Continue reading Nordic/Gyeongju 🍽 노르딕/경주

2. Tips for Public Transportaion

Hi! This time, let me show you tips for public transportation. In Korea, there is 3 types. Actually there is such a transport like train and express bus but this time I’ll talk about only bus, taxi, and subway. For me, I usually use public transportation as my vehicle. It’s really easy to get somewhere by public transport in Korea. If you are familiar for … Continue reading 2. Tips for Public Transportaion