Korea Tourism Organization Website

  Imagine your Korea That is a title of the site. Even I’m Korean, I didn’t know this site. (now, I know. haha) It is managed by Korean Tourism Organization, which is national organization, in English, Japanese, Chinese(2 types), French, Spanish, German, Russian and Thai. If you need any travel guide about Korea, it would be good choice. They provide a wide range information of Korea … Continue reading Korea Tourism Organization Website

2. Tips for Public Transportaion

Hi! This time, let me show you tips for public transportation. In Korea, there is 3 types. Actually there is such a transport like train and express bus but this time I’ll talk about only bus, taxi, and subway. For me, I usually use public transportation as my vehicle. It’s really easy to get somewhere by public transport in Korea. If you are familiar for … Continue reading 2. Tips for Public Transportaion